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Wix's AI Tools for Editor And Studio

In this blog, we'll take an in-depth look at Wix's AI tools, exploring their functionalities and how they can elevate your website to new heights of success.

Wix AI Tools for Web Design

AI Website Builder

Available On Wix Editor

Wix's AI website builder revolutionizes the web design process by creating fully functional, customized websites tailored to your business needs. By asking targeted questions about your business goals and preferences, the AI designs a site complete with pages, apps, and content. With the ability to make adjustments via chat or the Wix Editor, creating a professional website has never been easier.

Responsive AI

Available on Wix Studio

Responsive AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence to intelligently identify groups of related elements within your design and apply the most effective layout tools, such as grids and stacks, to ensure consistency and visual harmony across different breakpoints. Whether it's a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, your website will adapt seamlessly to provide users with an exceptional browsing experience.

AI Text Creator

Available On Wix Editor and Wix Studio

Say goodbye to writer's block with Wix's AI text creator. By answering a few questions about your desired text, you'll receive custom content optimized for your brand and business needs. Whether it's catchy titles or detailed descriptions, the AI text creator saves you time while maintaining quality and relevance.

AI Section Creator

Available On Wix Editor

Quickly add new sections to your website with Wix's AI section creator. Describe what you'd like the new section to include, and the AI generates a fully designed section complete with content and images that match your site's look and feel. Edit the elements directly from the editor until you're satisfied with the results.

Alternative Layouts Tool

Available On Wix Editor

Transform the composition of your website with a single click using the alternative layouts tool. Shuffle through ready-made layout alternatives that optimize your page's content for user experience and visual flow. Select a preset layout option, and watch as your site is updated with a fresh new look in seconds.

Coding Assistant

Wix AI Assistant

The Wix AI Assistant is your intelligent coding companion, seamlessly integrated into the Wix Integrated Development Environment (IDE). With the Wix AI Assistant, you can Generate New Code, Fix Your Code, and Ask questions about Wix APIs.

Image Enhancement and Creation

Image Auto-Enhancement

Available On Wix Editor and Wix Studio

Enhance your site images effortlessly with image auto-enhancement. By analyzing and tweaking color, contrast, brightness, and sharpness, this feature ensures a consistent aesthetic and professional look across all your images—no manual editing required.

Auto-Background Removal

Available On Wix Editor and Wix Studio

Easily remove backgrounds from images with auto-background removal. Using AI to identify key elements, like logos, this tool provides a version of your image on a transparent background, allowing for versatile placement on new backgrounds and the creation of multiple images from one source.

AI Image Creator

Available On Wix Editor and Wix Studio

Produce high-quality, unique images through written prompts with the text-to-image creator. Describe your desired image, choose a style, and watch as the AI generates a custom image for you in seconds. With options to crop, resize, and add filters in the Photo Studio, customization is at your fingertips.

Upscale Resolution

Available On Wix Editor and Wix Studio

Improve image clarity with the upscale resolution feature. Upload your image to the Photo Studio, and within moments, receive a version with higher pixelation. Say goodbye to dull, blurry images and hello to professional-looking photos.

AI Tools for eCommerce

AI Product Descriptions

Available On Wix Editor and Wix Studio

Craft compelling product descriptions with the AI text creator. Input your product's name and type, and receive SEO-optimized descriptions that highlight its benefits and unique selling points. Choose from three versions that adhere to SEO best practices and include keywords to optimize your product pages.

Product Recommender

Available On Wix Editor and Wix Studio

Boost sales by recommending related products to users browsing your site. Select from options like frequently bought together or from the same category, and let the AI decide which products to display, increasing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Online Marketing and Advertising

Auto-Generated Trailers

Elevate your video marketing with auto-generated trailers. Analyzing your footage, this tool curates impactful moments and crafts compelling trailers for your videos in minutes, maximizing audience engagement and generating excitement for your content.

AI Email Generator

Available On Wix Editor and Wix Studio with Email Marketing Plan

Create engaging emails effortlessly with the AI email generator. Select your email's main intent, preferred tone of voice, and important information, and receive a ready-to-send email complete with relevant images from Wix's media library.

SEO Meta Tags

Optimize your site's SEO with the AI meta tag creator. Receive SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions based on your site content and business goals, ensuring attention-grabbing and unique tags that meet SEO best practices.

AI for Google Ads

Simplify Google Ad creation with AI for Google Ads. Create high-quality, effective titles and descriptions that fit within Google's character counts and include your targeted keywords, maximizing the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Analytics AI

With Analytics AI, understanding your website's performance has never been easier. Whether you're curious about your site's bounce rate, visitor engagement, or traffic sources, Analytics AI provides the answers you need in seconds. Say goodbye to manual data analysis and hello to streamlined decision-making with Analytics AI.


Wix's AI tools are designed to adapt and evolve alongside your website, providing responsive solutions that meet your evolving needs. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, Wix's AI tools empower you to create, manage, and market your website with ease, efficiency, and innovation.

As AI continues to shape the future of web design and online marketing, Wix remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower users to achieve their digital goals. With Wix's AI tools by your side, the possibilities for creativity and success are limitless. Unlock the power of AI with Wix and embark on a journey of digital transformation today.

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