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Transitioning to Wix Studio: How to Convert Your Wix Editor / Editor X Site into Wix Studio

Wix has been an instrumental platform for website creation, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses alike. The introduction of Wix Studio is a promising advancement, offering a user-friendly and agency-focused approach similar to Editor X. While the feature to convert existing Wix Editor / Editor X websites to Wix Studio is not currently available, the platform is actively working on this update, anticipated to simplify the transition process in the near future. You can View the Roadmap here

Exploring the Transition:

The anticipated transition from an existing Wix Editor / EditorX website to the future Wix Studio promises a seamless shift, empowering agencies and freelancers with an even more user-friendly and versatile design environment. The new Studio’s focus on streamlining complex functionalities is set to make design and development tasks more intuitive and efficient.

Preparation Steps for the Transition (Once Available):

When the feature becomes available, here are the initial steps to prepare for migrating your Wix Editor site to Wix Studio:

Back Up Your Website:

Before initiating any changes, it's essential to create a backup of your current Wix Editor website. (Create a duplicate of your current site).

Evaluate Design Elements:

Review your website's design elements and note the customizations, layouts, and functionalities to ensure a smooth transition.

Content Audit:

Ensure your content, images, and media files are organized and optimized for the move.

Stay Updated:

Keep an eye on official announcements from Wix regarding the release of the feature for migrating to Wix Studio.

The Benefits:

Wix Studio offers a more intuitive and comprehensive design experience. Some benefits include:

  • Enhanced Ease of Use: A more user-friendly interface and intuitive tools.

  • Advanced Functionality: Access to more design options and easier implementation of complex features.

  • Focus on Agencies and Freelancers: Tailored features to meet the specific needs of professionals.


The arrival of Wix Studio holds promising prospects for agencies, freelancers, and all website creators on the Wix platform. Though the feature for converting existing Wix Editor websites to Wix Studio isn’t available at present, the upcoming transition offers an exciting opportunity to harness the future of web design. Keep an eye out for official updates from Wix to stay informed and ready for this anticipated evolution.

Note: As of the current date, the feature to convert from Wix Editor to Wix Studio is not available, but the information presented here is based on the expected future development by Wix. Stay tuned for official announcements regarding this significant transition.

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